Meet The Designer

Many people have yet to find exactly what they love. Luckily, I already found it.

My name is Karma Valentín, and jewelry design is my passion. My greatest motivation is that I am willing to work hard to continue doing what I love for the rest of my days.

"Find what you love and let it kill you." -Charles Bukowski

I remember growing up watching my grandmother, Alicia, in her sewing workshop, creating beautiful clothes. That was the turning point in my life that paved the way for art and design. After four years of unsuccessfully trying to study natural sciences, I changed my course towards my destiny and began studying at JAS, Jewelry Art School of Puerto Rico. There, I gained a lot of knowledge in basic jewelry techniques. This discovery and beginning helped me define and refine my style as a jewelry designer and how to guide myself towards the sources of inspiration that really identify me. 
Simple and natural elements like: nature, movement, seasons, fashion statements, colors, and the people around me, inspire every piece I design. That's why I would describe my work as creative, trendy, innovative, "down-to-earth," "bohemian-chic," and most importantly, unique.

Selling my creations and exhibiting my pieces is like telling everyone my most personal stories. I have learned that designing is my form of expression; my most effective form of communication. It's the motor that guides my being. These experiences have also helped me realize the importance of being true to ourselves, to our dreams, and our feelings. Talent is something we should all be grateful for, since it's the base of all our inspirations and motivations in life and I certainly and thankful to have discovered mine. With all my heart, I hope you enjoy this page and each design I create that is thoughtfully made for all those creative souls that go through life wearing their hearts on their sleeves. To all of you, I see you, I understand you, and just like you, I like to wear my heart also, but instead of wearing it on my sleeve, I wear it in my jewelry. 

Like Bukowski, I have found what I love, I will do what I love, and I will let it kill me.